The Role Of Gilgamesh A Folk Hero In America

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Folk Hero in America? The Epic of Gilgamesh is a story of great proportions; it is great in all aspects of literature. The story is the driving force behind Gilgamesh and it can captivate anyone who reads it. Tragedy is the ultimate fate and because Gilgamesh goes through his trials and tribulations but meets death in the end. This would make him a tragic hero, and many stories written in this time period revolved around this same theme. The Mesopotamians were a great society, and have left many great artifacts for us to enjoy. The artifacts left behind have given us great insight into how they lived and carried their everyday life. One of the most important items they left us to benefit from is The Epic of Gilgamesh. This literature shows us of how they…show more content…
The Mesopotamians had a God that explained anything and everything in their culture. Gilgamesh was the story of a king trying to reach god status and live an eternal life. His adventures and battles captivated those of his time and catapulted his name to be known as a hero. The Mesopotamians viewed Gilgamesh as their folk hero because he was the epitome of what they all strived to achieve. His adventures are what they had heard all their lives and believed it all took place. His kingdom, the cities, rivers and other geographical areas, still existed and contained many references to the story. His status as a demigod is what allowed him to achieve victory in many of the battles he endured, and to persevere through his journeys. His mother was a god so he naturally was endowed with god-like strength, beauty, status, and etc… the only thing missing was immortality. Once his companion dies he is forced to

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