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Princess Bride Battle of Skill, Strength, and Wit The protagonist, Wesley, is on a mission to save his one true love Buttercup. In order to do so, he must catch up with and defeat her three captors in three epic battles. Her kidnapper’s names are Inigo Montoya, Fezzik, and Vizzini. Vizzini is the evil brain of the kidnappers and he is also the group leader. Inigo is the likeable drunk and the entertaining sidekick who has been trained as a swordsman in order to avenge his father. Lastly, Fezzik is the brawny giant that was hired as the muscle of the kidnappers. He is not very smart, but he is entertaining in his use of rhyme and generally sweet nature. Wesley must defeat each of these men in order to save Buttercup. He will be faced with three epic battles: the battle of skill, with Inigo; the battle of strength, with Fezzik; and the battle of wit, with Vizzini. The first battle Wesley approaches is the battle of skill and training. He must defeat Inigo Montoya, the skilled swordsman and stock character. Inigo and Wesley fight for a long time, but eventually Inigo’s flaw appears.…show more content…
Vizzini is the smartest of the kidnappers, but he is both physically and morally inferior to Wesley. When Wesley approaches, Vizzini has a knife to Buttercup’s throat. Upon realizing this, Wesley decides it would be best to negotiate a deal with Vizzini. Wesley proposes a battle of wit to see if Vizzini can choose which cup has been poisoned. If Vizzini wins, Wesley dies and so will Buttercup, but if Wesley picks the right cup, Vizzini dies and Wesley and Buttercup can escape. Wesley rearranges the cups several times. The two of them ponder and argue for a long time about which cup is without poison. Wesley ends up winning because he has built up immunity to the poison over the years he has been gone. Because Wesley poisoned both cups he outsmarts Vizzini, he and Buttercup are free for a short

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