The Political Testament of Cardinal Richelieu

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Cardinal Richelieu was a French clergyman, noble, and statesman. He was born in 1585 in the Parish of St Eustache in Paris. He studied theological studies and traveled to Rome. The pope put him in his office in 1606. He then won the Cardinalate in 1622 and then prime minister in 1624. It is said that Richelieu wrote his political testament in or around 1638. If we did not know this, how would we by reading the book. Well there are some key words and phrases that were found while I was reading. Two of them that show up are in the beginning of the text they are about the Huguenots and the Jesuits. Then a few pages later he makes a reference to shipwrecks which can be many things that are explained later in this paper. Then Richelieu talks about Louis XIII reign and calls him majesty which is another way to date his work. He also makes reference to the Thirty Year War. You will see all of this explained in my paper as you read on. The testament mentions the words Huguenots, and Jesuits. The word Huguenots came up during the French Wars of Religion, which occurred during 1562-1598. Huguenots were French protestants, “which came from Besancon Huges, the leader of Genera’s Political Revolt against the house of Savoy in the 1520’s.” The Jesuits also show up in the testament and they were organized by Ignatius of Loyola in 1530s because of the Counter Reformation. These two terms show that the Political Testament of Richelieu could have not been written before 1520’s for two reasons he was not born until 1585 and the mention of the Huguenots and Jesuits. These words were not around until 1520 and 1562. Another word that shows up early on in the book that would help date the time the testament was wrote is the word Majesty. Majesty tells us that Richelieu wrote this testament during Louis XIII reign as king. Louis XIII reign of king was 1610 to 1643. This is just

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