Vico Vs Machiavelli

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Vico's, The New Science, talks about how civilization develops in a recurring cycle of three different stages: the divine, the heroic, and the human. Each stage shows distinct political and social features and can be characterized by figures of language. Machiavelli's The Prince discusses four ways on how to acquire land: 1) your own arms and virtue, 2) fortune, 3) others' arms, and 4) inequity. The first is the best way in his opinion because land acquired that way is the easiest to hang on to after you have conquered it, because you will still have your loyal militia, not mercenaries, and your own virtues to rule the principality wisely. He also talks about how those principalities are acquired by fortune, either for money or as a gift.…show more content…
It discusses the Christian history of England, also its political history, from the time of Caesar’s invasion to the year it was completed. It also talks about king's and bishops, monks and nuns who helped to develop Anglo-Saxon government and religion during the crucial years of the English people. These three works are similar in some sense and different in others. I think that Vico's, The New Science and Machiavelli's, The Prince or more similar to each than that of Bede's work. Both Vico and Machiavelli talk about stages in which a person goes through, but they talk about two completely different stages. Vico discusses how civilization develops through three different stages. Machiavelli discusses four different ways on how to acquire land. Both talk about stages but two different types of stages. Bede's work is somewhat similar to these two works in a sense that it talks about stages in which Britain became a nation. Also , all three of them mention God as a divine being. They may similar in some way but all three are very different. Vico talks about life and what stages civilization goes through. Machiavelli talks about to acquire land and Bede talks about how a country became a nation. These three pieces of work are similar but the are very
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