Columbus Vs Indians

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In the year of 1492 Christopher Columbus discovered the ‘New World’ which we now call North America while trying to find an alternate and faster route to the Indies. Upon his arrival he discovered indigenous people of North America. Between the years of 1492 and 1607 The French, British, and Spanish arrived and colonized the area. Between the three countries lied many social and political differences that affect the indigenous people greatly. Columbus’ journey to find a quicker route the Indies began in 1942 after he was given the funds from the King and Queen of Spain, Ferdinand and Isabel. When he had realized that he had not actually landed in the Indies but in a ‘New World’ he began a new age of colonization for Spain. Spain had set up…show more content…
The French’s trip to Cape Fear in 1524 is what led to the report back to France about the New World. The French were only looking for a means of extra income. The Indians and the French mixed well together as they both solely wanted to trade. The Indians benefited from the French products such as Iron. The French possessed a high interest in the furs that the Indians had made. They set up a complex trading system where the Indians would trade furs that they would trap for manufactured goods of the French. Though, of course, the trade was not any way close to being even. The furs that the French bought were being resold in France for double or triple what the French had paid. Some Indian merchants had realized that these trades were unfair so only sold good furs for what they believed was goo manufactured goods. Though there weren’t disputes between the French and the Indians, land disputes would break out between the Indians over hunting grounds. This trade made for a far less stressful relation between the French and the indigenous people of the ‘New World’. Trade did have its faults for the Indians. Disease brought with the French quickly killed many Natives because they didn’t have any immunes built up. Another fault was that Indians quickly became dependent upon the manufactured goods of the French such as kettles and
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