John Smith's Letters To Pocahontas

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In 1607 British first landed on Jamestown, modern day Virginia. They had hoped to receive a good treatment and acceptance from the natives however they faced the disease and starvation in the colony which made it difficult for the colonists to settle. It was trade with Indians, good leadership and Indians teaching how to grow crops enabled the colonist to subsist. A very profitable trade was developed between the Indians and British. Later the indians suspected the colonists wanted to rule them and control the colony. When captain John Smith was appointed as a member of the council and being sent to the colony in dire times of famine. He forced all people to labor stating that “ He that will not work shall not eat” which was proven to be very effective, he also dealt with mutiny from the indians very well. To settle matters even more he bargained with the indians as well. It was due to his leadership that the colony survived. During this time john smith was captured by the powhatan tribe and was to be executed…show more content…
He further writes that the reason which they settled without many disputes was pocahontas and she being married to John Rolfe deserves respect and honor. John Smith was interested to govern Indians with great outcomes. His ways were not that harsh. He wanted to settle matters with the Indians. Whereas John Martin had a different point of view. He viewed indians as barbarous and thought they deserved punishment for the war. He suggested how to bring indians under control and how to teach them a lesson. John smith governed the colony where as john martin was an early
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