Relationship Between Native Americans And English

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APUSH, Period 5 13 November 2013 Consanguinity (DBQ #2) The relationships and interactions between the Native Americans and the English were very complex and delicate. Often times they started out very friendly but over time they changed to very hostile and aggressive relations. The English wanted land and resources and the Natives wanted their land back. When these two forces met with a conflict there was almost always death and bloodshed. Due to the excessive amount of conflicts, it was inevitable not to have battles, peace agreements, and to this day Native Americans are not pleased with Caucasian people. The relationship between the natives and the English was definitely a very tense and sensitive matter. Early on in the history of…show more content…
Chieftain Philip was continually believed to be the man who brought about All the conflict. The British settlers had a right motive to firmly address the Native Americans (Document D). It was a compromise that the Native Americans would owe a capital, the natives concurred. Do to Inside information it was found out that Philip was planning bad news. Because of the brutal and spontaneous attack on the Europeans, by the Natives (Document B), the Europeans had time to supply themselves with defenses against the Indians. The Natives were more adapt to close combat when the Europeans had more advanced and higher quality weapons. The way that the Europeans fought vs. the Native American truly made a difference in the outcome of a Battle (Document C). The technology that the Europeans possessed during a battle truly put them above the Natives. The Europeans did not want to continue down a this road of war with the Native Americans so in turn the Europeans wished to please them, and at some points were even spoiled more than there own settlers (Document E). The pampering of the Native Americans did not go over well with the European settlers and therefore the settlers retaliated with resentment and the killing of Native
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