What Happened During The Vietnam War

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Cara War is something that you never want to experience, especially the war in Vietnam. Vietnam was an absolute mess because at no point was the United States as a whole on the same page about the war in general. Some believed that it was an important war that we needed to win and others believed that we had absolutely no business in Vietnam. As General Sherman said, “War is Hell,” but most vets would say that Vietnam was far worse than hell. They were placed into a war that from the start was impossible to win due to many circumstances and situations starting with the rules of war. The rules of war had a major negative affect on our troops in Vietnam, which created more struggle and confusion then there already was. The frustration level was at an all time high with American troops and they started to get very irritable. A lot of soldiers lost their minds because the war took its toll mentally. Someone was bound to snap and that was exactly what happened at My Lai.…show more content…
Lieutenant William. J Calley Jr. and his first platoon were the first helicopter lift to the attack and their orders were to secure the landing zone and make sure there were no enemy troops left in the area when the second lift takes off twenty minutes later, but shortly after confusion occurred. One gunship pilot called in a landing zone under fire, but that was not the case at all. The Son My Village happened to be a very innocent village for the most part filled with families, but at this point Lieutenant Calley’s troops were ready to attack and kill some “Gooks.” At this point of the war Calley was not thinking about what is ethical or what is not, nor was he thinking about what others would think of his actions. He was going to do what he was sent to Vietnam to do, kill the
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