Native Americans Reaction to Incoming Europeans

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DBQ Essay In the late 1400s, European explorers had come to North America. Native Americans were already living here, and rivaled Europeans. The reaction Native Americans and Europeans had to each other were both positive and negative, which changed the world in a cultural exchange between the “New World” and the “Old World.” The Native Americans and Europeans may not have been best friends, but they did sometimes get along. Some of the positive reactions that Europeans and Native Americans had were the exchange of goods. The Native Americans had came loaded with balls of cotton, parrots, javelins, and other things; these they exchanged for whatever the Europeans had offered them (Doc. 1). When the Europeans showed the Americans swords they cut themselves from grabbing the blade (Doc. 3). This shows how the Europeans, as well as Native Americans had positive reactions to each other because they got along. Therefore, Native Americans and Europeans also had negative reactions of each other. The Native Americans had a negative reaction to the Europeans when they have came to the Americas and acted like they owned the place. Those made the Native Americans not like the Europeans so much. Another negative reaction that the Native Americans had to Europeans is that they brought diseases that killed many Americans (Doc. 5). When Cortez was coming, the leader of the Aztecs had sent wizards, and magicians to stop the Spanish from coming. They thought that the Spaniards were gods (Doc. 2). Consequently, the Spanish did not treat the Natives kindly. They would cut off a hand of the Natives if the gold quota was not met (Doc. 6). As it can be seen the Native Americans had more negative reactions of the Europeans as the other way around. Because of the interaction between the two cultures, the world has
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