Differences Of Colonial Life In Colonial England

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Colonial Life As the colonist moved to America and began life in their new home they found that their way of life would be a big difference from the one they had previously lived in England. They had to face an unknown land with unknown dangers all on their own. The new colonist would have to set up a new world for themselves and find out how to keep things under control without any help from the king. It was going to be a big awaking from what they are used to. They had to provide food and supplies for their families, protect themselves against danger, and still leave room for church and leisurely activities. One of the biggest differences from their life in England was that the colonist would now have to grow and supply their own food. They would be farming on their land and have to take care of their own crops. They learned what crops would grow best and how to take care of them from the local Indians. Without that help the colonist might have never survived because it was something they were not used to having to do, or even something they really even knew how to do. It was completely different from the way England would give them most of their food and supplies, or simply allow them to but their food. Though through the hard work colonist also could get money from the crops they grew on their farms. They could sell any leftover food…show more content…
At first they would help the colonist and teach them things about the new land, but as soon as the colonist started to try and take over the Indians land they became major enemies. The Indians would often try and chase the colonist out of their land, and start mini wars all over the place. This was a big challenge for the new colonist because the Indians were the only people who knew anything about the land. The Indians knew what was good and bad for survival. This was a major setback for the colonist because any help that they had was now

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