The Night Of Oranges Rhetorical Analysis

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Derian Rodrigo Puentes Gomez Contemp. Voices Period. 2 01/17/14   Learning, then College    Organization and Ideas 1. It shows us what the narrator is going to talk about with us, such as her past in high school and give us advice on how college will be and such 2. In paragraphs 1-4. He took time off before college. Getting a gap year before going to college. Explaining how it is. He was not ready for college. In paragraphs 5-6, explain how it’s been for him, taking a year off studies. He learned more than he could in 2 years of college. Paragraphs 9-11, tells us about how he managed and gives us advice about his gap year. He is now in college,…show more content…
It was a fun experience and I’d love to do it again. The Night of Oranges 1. It explained it like a tale and had many characteristics in the Romanian Revolution and such. 2. It give the time when he went to the food shop and bought his to present it to his brother at 8 o’clock 3. He says it in a symbolical way. Making it sound very philosophical and proud, as if he was proud of what he did. He really did an impression in this essay. 5. The conflict is the decision between going to the movies or doing something for his brother. At the end he does something for his brother. Technique and Style 1. He could be making the essay more understandable to the readers by doing this. Also making it a peculiar way to describe something from the past. 2. About how he describes some things in a figure of speech when he really is talking about a certain situation in life. 3. It adds to how the clerk was very descriptive to his products and had a major appreciation for his work and his life. 4. Because the money was supposed to be for his brother at first but decided to change that later

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