Catcher In The Rye Short Story

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In the next written assignment, I will adventure into the school life of Holden, and how the events in his family affected what he saw in school, and how he saw the world. In a quick view we see Holden pick up and tart read The Outsiders after a day of trying to contact his older brother, and it seems that the failure of this will bring the day to a low point that will continue throughout other activities, but its until he read the book that the melancholy passes over him regarding the situation between the three brothers, same as his own sibling. We see here a different side of Holden that we don’t see in the "Catcher in the Rye" until almost the very end of the book. I think if it had been added in the book, a scene with nature of this, the…show more content…
I cursed my decision to call my brother in this hideous weather and after three times of trying he didn’t even answer, probably too busy working on some big-money-making, low-cultural-value, big-talentless-protagonist, Hollywood production to answer a call from his brother. I gathered some courage, frowned at the sky and sprinted to the nearest shelter closest to my classroom that would shield me from the water drops. A few more steps and I was already at the front door of the building, the hallway was all wet and slippery, stupid kids couldn’t even try to wipe the water out of the soles of their shoes. The short walk to my classroom, mostly always packed with revolting students, was alone because the period started maybe 5, 10 minutes ago. I knocked on my classroom door, the teacher signaled me to come in and take a seat. Everyone's head involuntarily turned up and away from some book everyone was reading, and some pretending reading, to my soaking hair and my wet dripping clothes. Almost instantly everyone returned to their reading and I whispered to the…show more content…
The Outsiders it read in big white letters under an even bigger name S.E. Hinton in red letter. What a humble author. I started reading and stepped into the mind of some kid who took a whole paragraph to discuss his hair, conclusion, he likes it long because he's a greaser whatever that is. I was just about to discard my interest in the book, and possibly the assignment that goes with it, when the boy started describing his brothers. Brothers, I thought, maybe I'll read a little more and get to know this brotherly relation. Three brothers, Darry, Sodapop and Ponyboy, pretty lame names compared to me and my brothers. But at least they were all together, who was I to criticize. Maybe we didn’t have parallel stories but after reading a while I could understand the lives of the character a bit more. Darry, being the oldest, had to step up into the "adult world" and began with responsibilities that Sodapop and Ponyboy thought were no longer fun like he used to be. Soda pop being the middle one, had a bit of a more stable relation with both extremes of the family both the youngest and oldest, and even though he dropped out of school to help his family he still had that spark of youth that attracted lots of ladies which I personally admire. Lastly Pony boy, this kid, the youngest of the three, was in a few words naïve innocent and had a long way ahead in life. The relationship between these three was rocky, like most are in families with

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