The Most Important Person in My Life

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A speech for my english class about my passion -family, is it ok. it's only half cuz i cant fit everything One of the main passions in my life is my family. According to the Oxford American College Dictionary, a family is a group consisting of parents and children living together in a houshold. My definition of family are people that i share a close bond with and that will always be there for me no matter what. Since i am an only child,my parents have always taken special care of me and looked out for me. My parents provide me with food, shelter, education, clothes, and daily necessities. My mother will always take time off from a busy schedule to care for me when i am ill. For Example, when i was younger, i used to have bloody noses a lot while i was sleeping. I would always wake her up in the middle of the night to help me and she will get up without complaining and care for me. Also, my parents have always taught me to be honest, responsible, and independant. They have always told me to be respectiful and be responsible for whatever i say and do. .................. One of the most important things that my mother has taught me is to be responsible and independent because it will help me when i live on my own. My dad has always taught me to be kind to others and never put them down or make fun of them. He tells me that it is important to be nice to others because one day they may repay that kindness back to you when you least expect it. I share a close bond with my family that i don't have with any other people. I think that if friends aren't always there for you, family is. My family may argue with each other sometimes and they can also get on my nerves, but i know that we will always make up and forgive each other because they will always be my family no matter what and i can't divorce them.My parents have sacrificed a lot for me, they save up money not only
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