A Big Step: A Career As A Medical Assistant

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A Big Step If there is one thing in life that everyone wants, it would be to have all of your dreams come true. In order for your dreams to come true you would have to get the right education needed to pursue that dream. Today there are many opportunities that can help you get into college. One of many things that are going to help me throughout college is receiving this scholarship to proceed with my studies as a Medical Assistant. This scholarship will provide the equipment and tools needed for the college I will be attending. At the time, when I receive this scholarship I will put it towards classes, and other equipment needed for my medical assisting classes. Most of my family members are doctors and being able to assist them would…show more content…
Most events that occurred have made me the strong, confidant person I am today. Some meaningful memories that have occurred happened when I was still growing up. The most wonderful memories happened with my family. Without the support of my family my life would not have been as great as it is now. I remember my dad telling me that “life is what you make it to be and with heart and confidence you can be just about anything you want to be.” Those words always run through my head knowing that anything is possible if you just take the time and try to make it possible. I am grateful and thankful for all they have done for me and will always respect them for all they have given me. My family taught and raised me to get past any obstacle and challenge the world throws at me. I know this medical field is no walk in the park but I will succeed in my studies to be a medical assistant no matter what challenge I have to face. This scholarship will be a helpful start in my medical assisting…show more content…
These are just some of the things I am looking forward to do when I grow up. This is one dream I am going to strive for and work to get. This is why this scholarship is very important to me, because it may be the one thing that gets me to where I want to be and be a start to the dream I have been working for. Many people in the world don’t get a chance like this. But I am very lucky to have this opportunity. These are just some of the many good things that are going to come from this scholarship and I hope to achieve them

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