The House That Built Me

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The House That Built Me The world I come from is a world of life-learned lessons, love, and admiration. I was born and raised in Visalia, California by a very strong catholic woman, my mother along with four brothers, two younger, two older, and four older sisters. So as you can imagine, space was always really tight in my house. Growing up, I was taught right from wrong, just like any other kid, and I was given all the love I could possibly know, and that didn’t require expensive gifts or trips to places like Disneyland. My mother was always a single mother, so just like space, as I was growing up, money was tight. But my mother never let that hold back my siblings and me from getting our education and other goals she set for us. She knew we could do things that we believed we couldn’t possibly do, so she always encouraged us to be our best, no matter whatever or whoever tried to bring us down. The people that are in my life today have had a huge impact on the person who I’ve grown to be. My family, but especially my mother has molded me with their standards and expectations of me, and for them I am thankful. For my world, based on striving for the best, was built on the hope that they had and still have in me, without them I’m not sure who I’d be. My goals and accomplishments are not only for my own success, but also for their happiness. A three bedroom pinkish-orange house, with a huge oak tree on the right side corner of the front yard would be my home for the next four years of my life. I still remember the day my mother told me that 12345 S Flores, Would be our new home. I was nine years old, scared, because I knew that moving there meant that I would have to make new friends and attend a whole new school. The thought of this terrified me because my heart was somewhere else. It was back at my previous home, with my best friend Destiny Gomez and the

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