Nvq3 Health & Social Care 303 Task C Refelctive Account

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TASK C REFLECTIVE ACCOUNT My own values and beliefs, attitudes and heritage, may impact upon my working practice. As a second child of 4, growing up in a large family taught me that I am not the same as my siblings, I have different opinions and views, and differing attitudes. Being one of four children meant that not everything came my way as soon as Id have liked. I had to wait until Christmas for new clothes or toys as my parents couldn't always afford new things for us all. I lived in my elder sisters hand-me-downs for many years. This has taught me, not only the value of money and material items, but also how to be patient. I can now employ patience within my work place, and can understand why life might be financially challenging for some of the elderly people that I look after. I was always considered as being a bit of a 'soft touch' when I was younger, constantly letting others have their way. In my older life, and particularly within my job role, this has taught me that I can be emphatic and sympathetic towards people. I have always been interested in history, including my own family history. When I was young, I would sit for hours on end listening to grandmas stories of her own background and where she came from. This has given me a sense of my own self and has taught me how to be a good listener with the people that I care for in my working life. My parents always showed great dignity and respect for other people, their own parents, aunts, and uncles. My father would stand up when a lady walked into the room, and always offer a chair to a female or somebody older than himself. As children, we were always told to be polite, say hello and goodbye nicely and never talk with our mouths full! When any of us siblings had a fall out, mum would always ask us to look at each others side of the argument and to see how the other person might feel. My

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