The Most Effective Leader In the Roman Empire

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In my eyes, the most effective leader of the Pax Romana was Augustus. During the time he was emperor he oversaw a huge expansion in the Roman Empire. When he was 19 he valiantly threw himself into politics after his uncle Julius Caesar was murdered. He strategically formed an alliance with Mark Antony and together they defeated enemies in Rome. While they were allied, they fought two of the bloodiest battles in the history of Rome. Later Antony fell for Cleopatra who, it was believed, wanted the throne to herself. Augustus’ alliance with Antony unraveled and as a preemptive strike, Augustus attacked. This was the Battle of Actium in 31 BC; it resulted in Augustus destroying ¾ of the Egyptian fleet. At the end of the battle, Cleopatra and Antony killed themselves and Augustus seized control of Egypt. When he returned to Rome, he was hailed as a hero. He became first emperor of Rome at the age of 32. Soon after Rome suspected him of wanting to create a monarchy/dynasty and to avoid his uncle’s fate, he charmed the senate and people by pretending to give up the power. After a series of disasters, the Romans decided that only he could lead them and they appointed him absolute ruler. Augustus convinced the Romans he was doing what was best for the “republic” but in actuality, he was just creating a dynasty (ironic huh?). He expanded the empire and added Egypt, Northern Spain, and large areas of central Europe before invading Germany. When his daughter Julia was accused of being too promiscuous instead of having her killed, he banished her from Rome. During his rule he ended 100 years of civil war and brought over 40 years of internal peace and happiness I feel the least effective of the Pax Romana was Nero. He started out well but his rule ended as violent as it began. His mother, Agrippina, murdered his stepfather, Claudius, and poisoned Claudius’ first in line for the
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