Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus Aka Nero

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Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus Aka Nero, was born on Dec. 15th of 37 A.D. He was born in a small town named Antium, which is near Rome (fig.1). His father died at the age of 39, when Nero was two. Nero was never meant to become emperor; His mother’s brother, Caligula, had become leader at the age of 25. Thinking Caligula would be able to produce an heir since he was so young, Nero had given up. All of a sudden, Caligula and his whole family were killed. Claudius, the uncle of Caligula, took over the throne and remarried to Nero’s mother. This gave Nero the ability to become leader in the later years. (Fig.1) Antium which is translated into Anzio is where Nero the emperor of Rome was born Nero started ruling Rome at the age of 17 (fig.2). Very soon, he became suspicious of his mother. He felt she was trying to take away the throne from him, and give it to his 14 year old step brother. The 14 year old suddenly died without warning; Nero claimed it was a quite disastrous seizure that took his brother’s life. After his mother was accused of slander toward Nero’s 2nd wife, she was told to leave Nero and never come back. Later in his rule, he…show more content…
The neighboring Parthian empire invaded Armenia, a small part of the eastern Roman Empire. Nero sent in his entire army to defend Armenia and entered into a great war that lasted for 5 years (fig.5). The Romans ended up winning out, and Nero was considered the man to be praised. What made Nero even more popular was the peace treaty between Parthia that was created at the conclusion of that war. This peace remained in place for a great 50 years. Although there were other power struggles during Nero’s reign, they proved mostly insignificant against the great roman army. Nero went down in history as a powerful, influential leader. The record also shows that he was a psychotic murderer as

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