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Oedipus Rex Fatlum Krkuti The expression “knowledge is power” is usually true, but in this ancient Greek play it most definitely is not. The play shows the exact opposite of the very simple saying. The characters’ thirst for knowledge whether it is about the future, past, or current time in the play is what creates this dramatic tragedy. The entire play starts with a search for knowledge. However, the more inquiry by the characters; the more negative the play becomes. The knowledge seeking begins before the play even starts. The former King and his Queen make a trip to an oracle, to make an inquiry about their future. What they find out is a very unfortunate truth. Their own son (who has not been born yet) will grow up, and he will kill his father (King Laois) and marry his mother (Queen Jocaste). In an attempt to not let this prophecy come true the king and queen ordered a peasant to leave Oedipus on the side of a mountain, and this is when the prophecy beings to take its path. The peasant does not leave it on the mountain side, for he would feel guilty to kill an infant. He handed it off to another peasant to bring to his town. One simple trip to an oracle sets the outline of a great ancient Greek tragedy. This strong desire for information that these characters have only makes matters worse. The baby that was given away ends up being Oedipus, the prince of Corinth. Not knowing his true origin, Oedipus is approached one night at a dinner-party by a drunkard who seems to have slipped up and told Oedipus that he is not the real prince of Corinth. Oedipus, infuriated, goes up to his “parents” and asks them if it is true, but his “parents” deny that this is true. Still in complete disbelief Oedipus heads to an oracle to find out the truth. Oedipus asks this oracle if in fact what he was told is true. The oracle tells Oedipus what was once told to King and Queen of

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