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Cleopatra: Yoko Ono of Rome or Brilliant Ruler of Egypt? From Cleopatra: A Life by Stacy Schiff “Man’s most valuable trait is a judicious sense of what not to believe.” ~ Euripides For ten generations Cleopatra’s family ruled as pharaohs of Egypt. The Ptolemies were actually Greek, “which makes Cleopatra approximately as Egyptian as Elizabeth Taylor” (2). She received a traditional Greek education. At thirteen she would study rhetoric and philosophy, the fine art of persuasion and nine languages. In fact she was the first Ptolemy to learn Egyptian, making her a highly persuasive and respected ruler. She was eighteen when she and her ten year old brother came into power. Cleopatra’s father had financially secured an ally in Rome and Cleopatra would find out that she must maintain that ally by befriending the most powerful man in Rome. For her father that man had been Pompey. During the Roman civil war it was clear to her brother that Pompey was no longer the man to back and had him beheaded. Cleopatra was twenty-one and also in the same danger as Pompey. At the time of Pompey’s arrival, Cleopatra was in exile, fleeing for her life from her brother. As was tradition, Cleopatra and her brother were meant to rule jointly as…show more content…
Ptolemy XIV was rendered insignificant. Cleopatra presided over every aspect of Egyptian society and Egypt flourished. “She not only dispensed justice, commanded the army and navy, regulated the economy, negotiated with foreign powers, and presided over the temples, but determined the prices of raw materials and supervised the sowing schedules, the distribution of seed, the condition of Egypt’s canals the food supply. She was magistrate, high priest, queen and goddess” (90). She was extravagantly wealthy. She has been named the twenty-second richest person in history, with a net worth of approximately (difficulty to convert) $95.8

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