Old Kingdom of Ancient Egypt

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The Old Kingdom, also known as the pyramid age, contains Dynasty Three through Dynasty Six (2700-2190). The Old Kingdoms contribution to ancient Egypt was that they built many cities and many pyramids; this is why it’s known as the pyramid age. Also they expanded in trade, as well as set up a strong government for the future. Pharaohs during this time had absolute power over everything and were looked upon as Gods on Earth. The Old Kingdom starts to decline with Pepy II’s 90 year reign. During this time many pyramids being built were big, and elaborate pyramids for the pharaohs, as well as smaller pyramids close by for his wives and daughters. During the Old Kingdom, this was the only time that pharaohs were actually laid to rest inside of a pyramid. Some of the pyramids built during the Old Kingdom were so elegant and elaborate that the Great Pyramid of Giza is among the Seven Wonders of the World. One of the pyramids was over 450 feet tall, which is a major accomplishment not just in ancient Egypt time, but present time as well because it was raised entirely by hand. Throughout the Old Kingdom the pyramids slowly got behind schedule and weren’t able to be completed. Well building all of these pyramids is where the government became stronger. The centralizing of royal estates throughout the land helped do this. With the centralizing, necessary resources for building the pyramids were easy to obtain. The stronger government also successfully managed these resources and in returned ensured that the flow of materials and riches to the government. Manetho, one of the pharaohs for the Old Kingdom, had received a shipment if forty vessels laden with cedar-wood from Byblos, which was a neighboring city on the sea coast of Libyan. This was the first time that trade had taken place outside of their homeland. Economically and politically in the Fifth

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