Faith Vs Free Will Oedipus Rex

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Author: Anthony Graham Topic: Faith vs. Free Will What took Oedipus Rex to the end of his destination? Was it faith, free will, or a mixture of both? While free choices, such as Oedipus’s decision to pursue knowledge of his identity, are significant, fate is responsible for Oedipus’s incest and many of the other most critical and devastating events of the play. No matter how much Oedipus Rex tried to escape his faith, it only caught up to him. The whole time in the play you could see the prophecy was coming true. It seemed that he was destined no matter what. Oedipus was cursed from birth to someday marry his mother and to murder his father. This prophecy, as warned by the oracle was going to come true (as written in his fate), no matter what he may have done to avoid it. From the beginning, Oedipus Rex was a baby, Lauis and Jocasta found out from the oracle, that Oedipus Rex was going to kill his father and marry his mother. Lauis ordered that his baby son should be exposed in the woods with a pin through his feet to keep from crawling away but that didn’t change anything. Everything that was going to happen to Oedipus Rex was set and carved in stone. Oedipus Rex’s parents tried to change it but it never worked. Oedipus Rex heard from the oracle, when he was an adult that he was going to kill his father and sleep with his mother. Oedipus Rex runs away from Corinth and by coincidence he ends back in Thebes, where originally he is from. Now king and husband in his actual fathers place. Another example is, in this play, the crossroads represents fate and the extraordinary power of prophecy than freedom and choice. A crossroad is a place where a choice has to be made, so crossroads represents moments where decisions will have important consequences but where different choices are still possible. When Oedipus Rex meets at the crossroads it’s just the beginning

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