The Life of the Roman Emperor Tiberus

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The Life of Tiberius Tiberius was a Roman Imperator that was born on the 16th of November in 42 B.C, ruled from 14 A.D. to 37 A.D., and perished at the age of 79 on March 16th in 37 A.D. He was born under the name Tiberius Claudius Nero. He was the adopted son of Augustus and the son of Augustus’s wife Livia by a previous marriage. He was one of Rome’s greatest generals who ends up marrying Augustus’s daughter Julia, becomes a Julian who takes on the name Tiberius Julius Caesar, and becomes known as one of Rome’s most dark, reclusive, and somber ruler of all. His grand-nephew and adopted step-son Caligula succeeded him as Emperor of Rome upon his death. The first public appearance of Tiberius was when he gave the eulogy for the death of his real father. He rode in the chariot in celebration of the defeat of Antony and Cleopatra at Actium. He rode along with Octavian who was ruler of Rome at the time. Octavian, also known as Augustus would later adopt Tiberius, giving him the name Tiberius Julius Caesar, because he was the biological son of his wife Livia by previous marriage. Augustus grew very weak and ill at one point in his career. This scared the Roman public because Rome might turn back into a chaotic state if Augustus were to leave office, thus making Augustus’ succession a major issue. Tiberius and his brother Drusus were among people in the running for his succession. Tiberius, at the age of seventeen soon took on politics under his adopted father Augustus’ direction. Tiberius first started as what we would call a lawyer in court but soon entered the military and led a large force to Armenia to make it a Roman State and eliminate it as a threat to Rome. Tiberius was able to negotiate Armenia into being a neutral State amongst the powers. When he returned he married Vipsania Agrippina, who was the daughter of Augustus’ close friend and general
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