Give an Account of the Career of Constantine and the Impact It Had on the Early Christian Church. Essay

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Constantine was estimated to be born around AD272 with his father being Constantius, a senior army officer and later Augustus of the Roman Empire. Constantius died in AD306 and Constantine was proclaimed Augustus by his father’s troops. Under Diocletian, there was a divide of East and West with each having a respective leader. When the Battle of the Mivilian Bridge occurred between Maxentius and Constantine in which Constantine was victorious, Licinius, also in AD313 defeated Maximin and Banks informs us that “Licinius was now supreme in the East, as was Constantine in the West”. As Wand believed, “This battle marks an epoch, for it helped to make the first Christian Empire and so affected the history of European civilisation down to the present time”. After their joint edict of toleration to all citizen AD313, Licinius began a renewal of persecution against Christians in AD319 believing their loyalty lay with Constantine. A final conflict ensued in AD324 in which Constantine was victorious and assumed as the sole emperor of the Roman Empire until his death in May AD337. After the Battle of the Mivilian Bridge, the Edict of Milan was expanded to include the East where according to Wand, “Christians were far more numerous” in which religious toleration to all, especially Christians was noted. It is a possibility that Contantine had Christian family members with his half sister being called Anastasia, meaning resurrection and he would have encountered Christians within Diocletian's courts. Although Christianity was not marked as the official state religion, Contantine began to introduce various legislations after the Edict of Milan which not only benefited the Church numerically, but economically aswell. As Chadwick stated “the conversion of Constantine marks a turning point in the history of the Church”. The conversion of Constantine is greatly linked to the

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