Life as a Consul in Rome- Historical Fiction

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Life as a Consul in Rome Leonardo the Brave There once lived a consul named Leonardo. He was living Rome's long war with Carthage. It was nearly the end of the war when a new danger began. It was the Macedonian king Philip the Fifth that raised fear amongst the people of Rome, first targeting the Greek city-states. As a child, Leonardo went to a small school outside of his time, near Rome. He wasn’t so interested in the types of studies there. He dreamt one day that he will once be a great leader and a warrior. There were 2 consuls serving in the Roman Empire. They were mostly senior officials, but Leonardo wasn’t. Leonardo was born near the town of Arpinum in Latium. Leonardo loved the culture at Rome. He loved the food like the pasta. Leonardo also was in clothing like luxurious robes and sandals. Leonardo hated seeing slave being not used properly. They were part of the people and should get better behavior. First serving in Carthage with his father, Leonardo was essentially a military man. He did not hold any government office until he was voted to the position of the consul in 119 BC. Next he served in Africa in the wars against Jughurta. The commander of the Roman forces, Metellus, was not very successful against the foe. He was with his father fighting. Eventually his father was killed in action. And so Leonardo returned to Rome and stood for the office of consul. He won the election, but now used his standing to persuade the comitia tributa so elect him the new commander of the forces in Africa after removing Marius. His was a polytheistic and believed in gods and goddesses. He prayed for them and told them to guide his father in the afterlife. He mostly prayed for Mars, the god of war, before going to war. Leonardo was really angry and wanted to get revenge from Jughurta. He was rejected from the senate. Only the senate had authority to

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