The Mayflower Adventure

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The Mayflower Adventure Colleen L. Reece Number of Pages 144 Are You Ready For An Adventure? John and Sarah Smythe are getting ready for an adventure of a lifetime! In the story, The Mayflower Adventure, John and Sarah are the main characters. Mostly, they have lived in beautiful Holland all their lives, but their parents’ decide they would move to the new world. Understandably, they face many obstacles during their journey across the Atlantic Ocean. How will John and Sarah face the Atlantic storms and keep from starving before reaching America? The adventure is only the beginning. As the story unfolds, The Smith family is deciding whether or not to travel to America. They had already left England and moved to Holland for religious freedom. However, circumstances were becoming extremely difficult. Their children were losing their British heritage rapidly. Although, the decision was difficult, the village chooses to make the journey. They acquired a boat and a brave captain to take them to the new continent. They wanted a fresh beginning in America. Next we discover, that the Smith family begins to pack their belongings and say goodbye to their friends. John excited for the adventure, he can barely wait! Regretfully, Sarah is sad and upset about leaving her friends. As the first ship, The Speedwell, is ready to sail, they realize they will never see Holland again. The tiny ship is small and smells horrific! The sleeping quarters are awful and cramped. Not very far into the journey, they have to tow into port because the ship had several leaks. It eventually sinks; hungry and horrified they have to board The Mayflower, which is a cargo ship not suitable for passengers. While on the Mayflower, the children were hungry and board. They tried to pass time by reading the

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