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On Friday, March 6, 2015, Caitlin Swan wrote: As as a high school student one of people's favourite question to ask us is "what do you want to do after high school?" As a child when we answered this we gave the cliched doctor, ballerina, astronaut, etc., with those answers being solely based off of our our dreams. Now when we we are faced with the dilemma of what to do with our future there is a lot more to consider then just the shallow ambitions of our dreams. Practically, and even often times reality, often contradicts our preexisting notions and the forgotten fact that our lives coincide with those around us; our decisions effects the people we care about. The cliched "you can be anything you want to be" we heard as children is no longer…show more content…
The narrator stepped forward many times to take responsibility for his life but each time his parents influence changed his actions. For example, the father was in need of help on "the boat" and the narrator stepped into help. When he knew this was not enough he decided he was to quite school and to fish full time with his father. The father then told him he would "go back tomorrow." (Page 272) He returned to school the following morning. His fathers disapproved of him dropping out; the fathers influence on the son was enough to make him change his decision. The mother was not pleased but this and could not believe her own son would "choose useless books over the parents they gave him life." (Page 272) This lead to influencing the narrator to join his father on the boat when his uncle left his father in order to support his growing family. He told his father that he would "remain with him as long as he lived" and continue to fish with him. (Page 275) The father made the narrator promise he would not forget that. Due to his own bad experiences, the father did not want this for his son and died in a presumed suicide. This ultimately was the reason for the narrators decision to leave his fishing past behind and seek out opportunities in education in the Midwest. Despite trying to take respronsibility for his actions, the fathers actions ultimately made the decision for

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