Paradise Found and Lost by Daniel J. Boorstin

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Brice Pope 1301-325 18 February 2014 File #5 Seat #2 Christopher Columbus is known to be the discoverer of the New World. He went through years of ridicule, risk of mutiny, and continued to shape his views of world geography but it all paid off in the end. Columbus’s voyage was to find a route to Asia but instead by accident he discovers a new continent. In February of 1493, Columbus returns home from his first voyage to the Americas. He has just discovered the “New World” and once after his arrival back home he writes a 8 page long pamphlet to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, titled De Insulis Inventis. The letter explained his own report of what happened on the voyage, shipmate’s experiences, and what he had accomplished. Not many people knew of Columbus’s voyage and discoveries until his pamphlet was translated into their local language. England had to wait all the way till March of 1496 when is finally translated into English. The first voyage consisted of discovering Cuba and sailing on the coast while making short excursions inland. Columbus saw trade and profit could be made off the Indians while also converting them to Catholics. Six months after Columbus’s first voyage, he sets off again on a second voyage which seventeen vessels, twelve hundred men, and six priest. They set up the first European settlement on the Atlantic side, but Columbus wasn’t satisfied with this, he still wanted to push west to reach the shores of Asia. Running out of supplies and the crew about to go on mutiny, Columbus turns the ships around and only if he went about fifty more miles, he would have discovered that Cuba was an island. They return home and Columbus says that Cuba is apart of Asia and he makes the shipmates sign paper saying that they thought the same thing. La Costa (master of the Santa Maria) has a different theory and goes against Columbus’s contract that

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