A Summary Of Daniel Sprick's Diary

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Diary June 22nd 1944 My Name is Daniel Sprick. The year is 1944. I live in the small town of Dinkelsbuhl, Germany. For the past months we have seen endless lines of German vehicles go through our town to go and fight American troops who invaded Germany last month on May 6th. My father Kenneth Sprick fled to America in September of 1939 to escape Nazi Persecution. He has been sending us money in helping us to save up enough money for us to travel to America. July 12th 1944 Today my family and I collected enough money to go overseas to America. I have been waiting for this moment a long time, ever since the Nazis have been raiding the houses in our neighborhood. My mom and brother can’t wait to get to America so they can get a decent paying job and so they can feed me and Brad, my younger brother. We are on our way to the boarding harbor where we will get on the ship to America.…show more content…
There is a lot of people here I get lost just looking into the crowd. Everyone here has to go through many checkpoints such as Health Evaluation, Mental Evaluation, and Physical Evaluation. My family and I have passed every evaluation, now were just waiting in line to have an interview with someone to make sure we are all in the same family. October 18th 1944 I am finally in New York spending time with my family eating delicious steaks. We met our dad two days after we got here; he already had a nice house and a nice job to support us. I am living a very happy life in New York; I have made a lot of friends and I even have a girlfriend named Beverley. I am so glad we came to America, it made my family’s life ten times

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