The Jungle: Story Of The Rudkus Family

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Taylor Duchesneau Soc.376/Maes 09-25-14 Integration Paper: “The Jungle” The story of the Rudkus family (along with close friends) in The Jungle illustrates what happened to so many immigrant families in the early twentieth century who came to America with dreams of working hard and building a better life. Jurgis Rudkus along with some family and friends decide to leave Lithuania and migrate to America in hope of finding good jobs to build a better life. After a long trip to America, that exhausts almost all the money they had saved, they arrive in Chicago’s packing town district where they have been told they would find jobs. Almost immediately they begin to understand that finding work is a competitive and oversaturated market and…show more content…
We see an example of the gesellschaft society when Jurgis tries to get change for his hundred dollar bill at a bar. After some debate the bartender agrees to change the bill for Jurgis once he shows it to him and agrees to buy a drink. The bartender shortchanges Jurgis and only gives him ninety-five cents change insisting Jurgis gave him a dollar bill. Jurgis attacks the bartender trying to retrieve his stolen money, however when a police officer arrives and breaks up the brawl Jurgis is pinned as a crazy drunk and is hauled off to jail (pg.263-266). In a gemeinschaft society the bar tender would have probably given Jurgis his change with no qualms, maybe he wouldn’t have even made him buy a drink? However the individualism that comes into play in a gesellschaft society led the bar tender to lie, cheat, and steal Jurgis out of his…show more content…
Dominance and control by the most powerful group leads to competition and efficient land usage (such as the workers living within the packing district). Invasion by a group (such as the immigrants) leads to rapid expansion and population growth within an urban area. Finally succession takes place in which land usage is transformed to meet the needs of the dominant competitor, the city continues to expand outward with the wealthier on the outskirts. This is followed by each social group filling the spot previously occupied by the group ahead of them, yet the working poor may stay close to the center their entire life, social mobility is a rare occurrence in this model (Chicago School Presentation,

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