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Kaylea Maskel March 2, 20121 English 101 Michelle Bush Literary Analysis In Amy Goldwasser’s writing “what’s the matter with kids today?” She argues the mass media view on kids and the internet and technology however she agrees that nothing is actually the matter with kids today. Goldwasser states that once adults and any other critics stop treating the internet as a villain, we all can accept it. Teenagers today read and write for fun, spending nearly 16.7 hours a week online (Goldwasser 237). More than 33 million Americans are affluent in texting, emailing, blogging, and IMing, INCLUDING OLDER AMERICANS. In Goldwasser’s eyes “teenagers have the potential to become the next great voices of America.” Before the written works even begin, there is a bolded response answering the title, “What’s the Matter with Kids Today?” Goldwasser’s response is as follows: Nothing, actually. Aside from our panic that the internet is melting their brains. This statement gives the reading audience a sense of foreshadowing. It is apparent the author is stating that she believes the there in fact, is nothing wrong with kids today. In the first paragraph she begins talking about a phone survey given to 1,200 seventeen year olds. When she states that it is a phone survey, she puts the words land line…show more content…
So teenagers today are being forced to blog on face book? In a study a survey found out that literary reading declined significantly in the rise of internet use. The author states how she thinks that is weak, by saying that you could basically say that about any growing trend. (Graff, Goldwasser 239.) The fact that teenagers today read and write for fun is a great reason to celebrate and incorporate it as a learning educational tool. In the last paragraph of her writing Amy Goldwasser states as her thesis statement that teenagers have the potential to become the next great voices of America (Graff, Goldwasser

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