Whether the Internet Ruined the Childhood of the Millennium’s Children

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Lopareva Ksenia 831 Whether the Internet ruined the childhood of the millennium’s children? I've already been in high school, when the Internet has finally reached our town and has started to develop, evolve, adapting to the society. I think that even my generation can already be called "the past"( regarding technology, I mean) and comparing the methods of obtaining information, which we used at school, and present-day, one can only wonder how much time we could save, whether the Internet would be the same as it is now. Talking about Internet in general, I can only note the obvious (I think) thing - I cannot imagine how we ever lived without it. What previously could take days or even weeks, now you can make in seconds - minutes with one click of your mouse. As an example, let's recall sending letters by mail. How much did you have to wait to read, finally, what your friend had written to you? 2 weeks, and this is if you're lucky. Now it takes as much time as if the person to whom we send a letter / photos / audio and video files, sits in front of you. Internet creates a very convincing, albeit an illusory, lack of distance between people. I think I walked away from the topic, fascinated by describing the benefits of the web. So what about the children of the present generation? Does the Internet render a detrimental impact on growing and getting to know this world creature? The issue is complex and controversial, but I will try to express my point of views. Already presently we have an approximate idea of what is waiting for us the next couple of decades. We make plans, projects, ask more and more questions. And who, if not our kids, will embody these ideas during a life, who, if not they, will answer to these questions? And, of course, we all realize that our future is for Internet technologies. I know how

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