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Baby Boomers:How have they adapted to the invasion of technology in their lives?Nicole M. PuglieseMetropolitan College of New YorkFall 2000 - PCA 351Prof. Smith | Table of Contents Chapter 1 3 Introduction 3 Statement of the Problem 3 Purpose of the Study 3 Informants 4 Limitations 5 Research Questions 5 Significance 5 Conclusion 6 Chapter 2 7 Literature Review 7 Who are the Baby Boomers? 7 Technology in the Daily Life of a Boomer 8 Language, Technology, and the Boomers 12 Chapter 3 14 Methods 14 Introduction 14 Overview of Setting 14 Research Questions 15 Procedures 15 Data Analysis 15 Discussion 16 Chapter 4 17 Findings 17 Introduction 17 Research Questions and Related Themes: 17 Chapter 5 23 Discussion/Reflection 23…show more content…
With advances in medicine, Boomers can expect to live well into their seventies and eighties. This leaves many Boomers with the fear that they might not be able to remain self-sufficient. According to Joseph F. Coughlin’s article Technology Needs of Aging Boomers, “…introduction of a new generation of appliances, air filtration systems, health monitors, and related devices could make the home a viable alternative to long-term care for many older adults” (p. 57). Coughlin also argues that with aging comes the fear of lacking the ability to communicate which, leads to isolation. In today’s world, Boomers do not need to have this fear that their elders had because the use of email, cell phones, video-conferencing, and other means of electronic communication are frequent among the Boomers. Therefore, “Advances in information technologies make it possible and affordable for older adults to remain connected to the world around them “(p.…show more content…
This is likely because she was only a young child while Sal and Barbara almost a decade older than she is. Deanna was only a child while the anti-war protests and civil rights movements were happening all around the country. Her only statement is simply that, “I feel we are more book smart…when we want to look up things we would have to go straight to the encyclopedia. Now a day’s everything is electronic.” This alludes to her view of the good old days when times were simple and life was pleasant. This is a significant difference from the politically charged times Sal and Barbara describe when thinking about their generation. How have “Baby Boomers” adjusted to technological advances that occurred during their

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