Drinking And Phones

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Drinking- What Age? Assignment: : Write a paragraph in which you argue or persuade your reader that the legal age for driving a car should be lowered or raised or that there should be a maximum age at which a person is allowed to drive. Do sixteen year olds have a higher rate of accidents? Yes, it is true that sixteen year olds have a higher rate of accidents in their first year of driving than any other age group; however changing the driving age will only change the statistics against eighteen year olds. If the law is changed, eighteen year olds will substitute the first year driving statistics for sixteen year olds. The same amount of accidents will still occur, only the age will change. All first year drivers need time to practice driving skills or there will never be time to learn. It’s better to have a sixteen year old getting this practice while closer to home, then an eighteen year old getting the practice while they are away at college. Hang It Up Assignment: Write an essay in which you argue for or against prohibiting cell phones in school. Technology is always growing in all areas of our lives, but perhaps the fastest in the world of communications. It seems that every single day some new process or gadget is created that lets us stay in touch with each other in ways that are always growing and changing. While these new developments start in the hands of adults, or the ones that can afford them, it is not long before that new cell phone finds its way into the hands of a child. Teachers are always looking for ways to bring technology into the classroom, but they probably did not have cell phones in mind when they started to follow that policy. Nowadays there are probably more kids that have cell phones in the classroom than those that do not, particularly in high school but in middle school as well. Cell phones create a new type of
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