The Many Qualities Of Junk Food

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“The Many Qualities of Junk Food” Have you ever questioned yourself on the qualities of junk food? Have you thought that it might be bad for you, or do you just not think about that? The following is good information on the good and bad qualities of junk food. Junk food has its good qualities, but also has its bad. Junk food can be good for you. While you are thinking that junk food is just fattening, it can be a way of giving your body a good source of energy. Let’s say that you just got home from a long day at work. Your body is tired, but you don’t want to go to sleep. All you have to do is eat some type of sweet food. The sweet food is full of sugar and will give you a rush of energy so that you are more alert. Also, if you are feeling sad or depressed eating junk food will make you feel happier. Another statement on the good qualities of junk food is that if you are in a rush to leave the house, then it’s a good source to fill your stomach up for a good while. Next, eating junk food has been known to clear up acne on a person’s face. Junk food is a great addition to entertaining guests. Also, it’s a great item for kids to eat while having a birthday party; there is nothing like pizza at a birthday party! The last good quality about junk food is that it’s a great source of food to make a person smile. Junk food also has bad qualities. First, the amount of sugar in junk food could make you unhealthy if you consume too much. Eating too much sugar could cause you to have high blood pressure, and result in diabetes. Next, it can cause you to gain weight tremendously. Still, junk food is very addictive. One long term effect of eating junk food is it can cause cavities. Also if you continue eating junk food after getting cavities you can start to lose your teeth. Yet a very common thing that

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