The Life and Times of My Past, Present and Future

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The life and Times of my Past, Present and Future Jennifer Francis PYS 202 Dr. Clinton November 7, 2012 Who were important people in my life? Grandmother Father Mother What was my family like? Lived with Grandma for a short time Oldest of three girls Parents divorced and living with dad Some of my favorite memories Holidays spent with families Summers spent up north Vacations What I was like as a teenager Responsible In love In trouble Off track Pregnant Having my own family Getting married Having a son Having a daughter My goals for the future Academically Professionally Personally Family The Life and Times of my Past, Present and Future Thirty two years old with tons of life experiences ahead of me still. I have lead a pretty good life thus far although some may say it's inside out, upside down and backwards. I've never been one to let others opinions affect me in my life. Nor have I been one to allow myself follow in societies shadows. I live life to the fullest and make my own rules and follow my own dreams. The life experiences I have been through have made me the very person I am today and I think it's made me a pretty good person. I have my grandmother to thank for helping with shaping me into the person I am today. She has always been there for me and always knows just what to say. She supports everything I do whether right or wrong she stands by me. My dad would be another person in my life who's helped in making me the person I am. He has supported every single idea I've ever came up with and stands by me even when I'm learning things the hard way. Another person in my life that has help me to become who I am would be my mother. Although she's helped by showing me what kind of person to never be. She has given me examples throughout my childhood of how not to treat my children, what not to do in a

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