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David Diment Block 7 October 5th 2012 Journey to America and beyond. Ann Elizabeth Harris was born May Fourth, 1932 in Essex, England. She spent the early years of her child hood there, in Essex, before moving to London around 1939, or the start of World War 2. While in London she survived the nightly bombing raids of the Nazi’s Luftwaffe that pummeled London. It was then in 1944 she moved across the ocean to American, settling in the Detroit metropolitan area with her family. She stayed in the Detroit area until the mid-80s, where she moved to Lakewood Colorado with her two sons and daughter. In the late 80s she married a man by the name of Donald Harris, and was…show more content…
She taught me to respect other people and that while everyone has their opinion; it is in no way my right to take that away from them, whether it is wrong or right. Her actions spoke louder than words, but her words also still spoke loud, she always saw the best in people no matter how rude they could be to her she would still be friendly and actually be concerned about them. I spent every weekend with her at her home in Lakewood where she taught me everything I needed to know about life, things I’m just now realizing but are very important values I have been living by my entire live consciously or sub-consciously. Living through a war is something she very rarely talked about but I listened when she did. She talked about the city going completely dark at 6pm so the Nazi’s couldn’t see where they were dropping the bombs, how they would have to close the shutters every night and stay in their basement till the next morning and not knowing whether or not she would make it throughout the night. I think surviving that war was what made her who she was as a person and an individual, not to take life for

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