Personal Narrative: Foster Home

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My entire body quivered and tears trembled down my face as I saw for the first time a photograph of my birth mother. While thoughts of uncertainty crossed my mind, I looked at the eyes that were starring back at me in the picture with disgust. My heart raced rapidly as the memories of her appeared in my head. I vaguely remember her leaving me upon the balcony of her apartment as I cried hysterically throughout the day. I was told that she never held my body towards her heart the way a normal mother held their own child; instead, she always faced my body outward. She never bought toys or dolls for me to play with. Her odd behavior was nothing new. She had previously kidnapped my brother from his father and was arrested at the airport by…show more content…
The minimal care she provided me lead neighbors, who were afraid there was a child in severe need of help, to call social services. Social services took me away from my mother when I was eighteen months old. I was brought to an orphanage located in Tallahassee, Florida among three other toddlers neglected by their parents. A lawyer named Ann, from Guardian AD Litem who represented me, called my older aunt and uncle who lived in Long Island, New York to offer them to become my legal guardians. If they were to deny the offer, I was to become a ward of the state, which means I would travel from foster home to foster home until or if a family adopted me. My aunt and uncle had already established a family of their own and both of their children were getting ready to attend college that fall. Fortunately, after a long and arduous process, my aunt and uncle decided to become my legal guardians and eventually adopted me. My early abandonment by my birth mother and birth father has impacted my entire life, and has purely made me the person I am today. Because of the love of my adopted family, I am able to focus on the positive in life rather than the negative. My experience has also forced me to grow-up quickly; yet, it has made me appreciate all…show more content…
I have experienced a destitute life, and now I have transferred to an unbelievably privileged life. The deficient nurture I had as a child has encouraged me not to make the same mistakes my birth mother made. A long term goal I have is to create a family of my own one day. I promise to make sure my own family is safe and secure, and I have the proper education to provide for them. I view my experience as a learning experience because I know exactly what not to do when it comes to mothering a child. What I lived through has made me develop into an extremely unique and strong

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