The Integrating of Instructional Technology Into the Classroom.

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William Skidmore EDU 225 April 21, 2013 Kathleen Sherbon The Integrating of instructional technology into the classroom. While the march of technology steams on it I not as easy as plugging in a computer to improve the academic ability of students, there is a lot of thought that must go into the integration of technology, and not just a mad grab for the internet. While technology is a great wielder of information and communication it is also a trap for procrastination. One can not look at the world of technology as a toy, for doing so limits even the best students and dooms the weakest. By accepting and even embracing technology allows teachers to grow the minds of children. Why technology is so important to the student and the scholar are varied. Technology has changed the way that we learn by showing new methods of learning. Labor intensive projects of the past are gone, and can be made in hours instead of days. A slideshow or even a video can be made and edited in a night and aired the next morning instead of weeks of sleepless night and allows changes what can be expected in a classroom and allow new ideas not to be ignored because of how difficult it would take to implement. Education with the newest technology does not make a teacher better, however it does give more resources to the teacher, and allows good teacher to be able to become great teachers. The ability to communicate with your students and to give them the ability to communicate with you is a asset that can be much harder without the instant telecommunication we have today. Not only does the wired world allow for instant transmission of ideas it also allows online motivation and a easier ability to keep students focused on there assignments by having a easy method of checking the assignments at home by not only the child but the teacher as well. This will also allow students to ask

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