Stress and the College Student

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Stress and the College Student After reading this article I came to realize how stressful college really can be on a student. Also how serious it can affect ones wellbeing, not only mentally but physically. I seem to relate to some of the issues caused by college stress but not as much as some for example I have not developed depression or any eating disorders. I do face a relatively high number of stressors as a college student. It’s very hard to type a paper or study for a test when you have a nine month old that wants to get into everything. I honestly think that is one of the stressors that get to me the most so I have decided to get a babysitter when I have very important things to do like a big test or project. Another stressor I face is living with another college student and only having one computer, it’s very hard to choose who gets the computer when we both have very important things to study. This also can lead to arguing; only causing more stress. We sat down and worked out a solution we ordered a new computer, we only hope this helps us get more college work done and in a timely manner leaving us with less stress. Loosing days at work to go to school has put a huge struggle on me even though I know school is important. But having less money come in is a huge stressor that I have not found a way to deal with except telling myself that after I get an education I will get a better job. After sitting down and thinking very hard about this I have developed my action plan. One big thing that seems to help people deal with stress is going to the gym. It’s fun and good for you so I am going to start going more often. I also have to get myself on a better sleeping schedule; a good night sleep will be good for relaxation. I like to take an hour long shower because, it’s the only me time I get. When I get out I feel very relaxed and ready to start a new

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