Personal Narrative: How Hard To Become A Registered Nurse

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Success to Learning How hard can it be to become a Registered Nurse? Can I accomplish my goal and make it into my lifelong dream? All throughout my senior year of high school, I questioned myself what I wanted to do in life. I decided to major in Nursing, but there was something stopping me. Where was I going to attend school? Once I was approved for Financial Aid, I was informed that a community college was inexpensive compared to a university making the decision easy. Northeast State Community College, here I come! Not being the brightest person, I over packed my first semester with classes. That first semester was an emotional roller-coaster. I questioned myself if I was truly cut out for college and if I had the ability to cope with my everyday life and college all at the same time. Shortly after deciding to keep my jammed packed schedule, I began falling behind on my everyday responsibilities; such as, unable to finish my chores and not having time to be present at family gatherings. Though, what other choice did I have without causing my grades to drop? Should I be more concerned about my everyday life or college? With school work due soon ahead of me, I came to the conclusion that it was in my best interest to make school my…show more content…
I decided my first goal was to complete my first hectic semester, meaning I would pass all my developmental classes. I could then continue on into more difficult classes. By staying motivated I would accomplish the goals I set and would no longer fear failure. Also, being a self-regulated learner, I would continuously practice and study to help myself better comprehend assignments and build a sense of accomplishment. Through goal setting, I have relieved myself from many sleepless nights. I no longer need to question myself if I can complete the homework before the due date because by staying motivated I have advanced my goal range and paved the way for a Nursing

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