Student with Disability in Classroom

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There is a student in my classroom that is visually impaired. He is a child who never complains of his disability. He wants to be treated like the other students in my class. Learning to integrate the Internet into my curriculum has brought about many changes in my classroom. The students in my class are using the Internet more which concerns me with the student who is visually impaired. I have been accommodating this student in my classroom by making enlarged copies of his worksheets and textbook to help him with his work. I also put his notes, quizzes and tests on disks so he can complete them on his laptop computer. We have been working with Internet Workshops, Internet Projects, Internet Inquiries, and WebQuests recently in my Science classes. Recently, we have working on the WebQuest “Recycle City”. On this WebQuest, there is a lot of reading and graphics which may cause a problem for this student. This student puts much effort into his everyday class work. Even completing experiments in class can be challenging to him. Using the Internet is also a challenge and I need to be aware continuously of these challenges and implement every possible way to include him in these activities. This student does not regard himself as someone to be treated differently or to be protected or isolated from certain activities. Hands-on activities, working collaboratively with other classmates and verbal observations can benefit all students, not just the students with disabilities. The Internet is a complete different tool used in classrooms. I researched and found many different adaptations for the visually impaired that I could introduce and use in my classroom. The Internet can offer children developmentally appropriate learning opportunities but if the Internet is not used effectively, it will not benefit the students. There are numerous

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