Cheating Using Technology

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Cheating Using Technology Ethical standards, when it comes to cheating in classrooms, have changed with technological trends in recent years. In this day and age with technology being so much a part of our lives, where do we draw the line when it comes to ethics and the use of technology in the school environment? Schools try to stay on top of the convenience and ease for which technology provides, especially when it comes to busy schedules and assignments. However, with the number of students using these helpful tools to cheat it really puts a damper on the outlook technology can provide. How can we hold students accountable? Keeping Kids Safe Safety and Parents The safety of our children is a priority for many parents. One convenient way to keep in contact with one’s child is via a cell phone. Parents can call and check up on them and see if they need anything. The child can also use the cell phone in case of an emergency. According to Andreatta (2006) some upper New York schools had banned the use of cell phones and parents were outraged. They had filed a law suit against the city and wanted the ban lifted immediately. “This is a safety issue,” (Andreatta, 2006 para. 4) exclaimed one parent. She described how her 12 year old was saved by using her cell phone to call for help when some bullies tried to beat her up. Other parents have used similar incidents such as students calling for help when they have been locked out of school or missed the bus home. (Andreatta 2006). Tech Style Cheating Different “Tech”niques If a student decides that he or she want to cheat, technology has afforded them many different ways to achieve their sneaky goal. It was not unheard of 10 years ago for a student to be caught with test notes under the bill of a cap or on a tiny piece of paper in the palm of a hand. Before miniature crib notes on baseball

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