The Importance Of Evidence Based Practice In Nursing

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An evidence-based practice is a continuous process that has the objective of bringing together clinical knowledge, the best scientific research evidence, and the opinion of the patient to provide high quality services focusing on their necessities and values. (Evidence-Based Practice, 2012). Experts consider that a best practice is a set of guidelines that have proven to be the most efficient courses of action. It involves reaching a certain level of agreement on research based knowledge, and the process of integrating it to improve healthcare delivery. They are usually set forth by an authority, which depending on the context could be a governing entity or management. (Best Practices, 2014). A best practice that is constructed based on…show more content…
It is an association that does research on clinical practice guidelines and has even developed programs about this. It has identified best practice guidelines, and developed evidence-based resources including an evidenced based oral health best practice guideline (with a panel of experts in charge of it), with the objective of leading the nursing profession to influence and promote healthy public policy and helping them improve client care. (Nursing Best Practice Guidelines). The best-evidence based practice that will be discussed in this document is the application of a quality improvement initiative consisting on an educational intervention for long term care workers, with the goal of improving the outcomes of dental care for patients in a long term care home in rural Ontario. (McKeown, Woodbeck, and Lloyd, 2014). The intervention was designed by two people, a best practice coordinator from the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario and a registered dental hygienist from January 2010 to July 2011, using evidenced-based oral care resources developed by the RNAO, in cooperation with the managers of long term care homes in rural Ontario. (McKeown, Woodbeck, and Lloyd,…show more content…
The tool must be accurate and sensitive enough to detect any changes happening so they can be taken care of. This could be helpful for standardizing assessment protocols for managing oral care in the homes. Another thing is that since poor dental health is a condition that has a high risk of causing health problems, there is a high interest in the improvement of the oral care on the long term care home residents. There also needs to be an improvement in the awareness on the importance of oral health for the bettering of the quality of life among health employees at the long term care homes and the families of the

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