Importance of Research in Health and Social Care

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Discuss the importance of research in health and social care To support care information gathered from research can be used by health care proffesionals so they can give the best possible care and treatment. It is important to ensure that the right people have access to the right information at the right time so they can provide you with the right care. To improve health and social care services for everyone Information is used for purposes beyond your direct care: Commissioning The people who plan health and care services (commissioners) need good information about the types of illnesses people have and the treatments they receive, as well as the result of that care or treatment. They can then check to make sure that people are getting the services that are right for them. Public health Some information is used for public health. It lets the NHS look ahead and plan what to do if there are outbreaks of diseases. It also helps the NHS to take action now to stop problems from happening in the future. Research Information also helps to improve medicines and treatments for patients. Researchers study it to find better ways to prevent illness and treat conditions. In January 2014 leading medical research organisations, including Arthritis Research UK, Cancer Research UK, Diabetes UK, the British Heart Foundation and the Wellcome Trust, launched an advertising campaign to raise awareness of the importance of sharing data from patient records with researchers. Risk stratification Health and care information can be used to identify who is most at risk of particular diseases and conditions, so those who plan care can provide preventative services and patients can be targeted with particular treatments. This is also known as risk stratification. Invoice validation Information is also used to make sure that NHS organisations receive the correct payments
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