P1: Explain The Functions Of Research In Health And Social Care

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P1: You need to explain the function of research in health and social care. Research by definition is a planned process where information has been collected and analysed for a specific purpose; the findings are then reported and published. Research has many functions such as; identifying needs, highlighting gaps in provision, planning provision, informing policy or practice, extending knowledge and understanding, improving practice, aiding reflection, allowing progress to be monitored and examining topics of contemporary importance. Firstly identifying needs in health and social care is central to a service user’s care as the professionals need to identify the needs of the individual to adapt the care to be specific to the service user.…show more content…
This can be through drugs, equipment and techniques or through climate change and the rise in sea levels. However both of these functions enable people’s lives to be improved and informed. Once research has been undertaken it can be reflected upon, an example of this is research which has data obtained by research methodology which is more reliable than casual, unplanned observations. After you have researched and reflected you start to monitor the progress of research, to find out what the effects research has had on the current issues. There are different ways to monitor the effects of research such as; using questionnaires, interviews and reviewing the data. An example of this is to send out a health questionnaire asking the public how they feel the GP surgeries are performing. Lastly the function of research is to examine the topics of contemporary interest, these topics are issues which are relevant to health and social care that continuously emerge and become the subject of debate among both public and professionals. Research is needed to explore the extent of issues and potential benefits of individuals and society, an example of this is examining the likeliness of a global
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