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Contribute to raising awareness of health Task 1 1.1 Reasons why it may be necessary to raise awareness of health issues: Raising awareness of health issues increases the chance of issues being detected in the early stages, it educates people about the issues, how to diagnose them and how to treat them, and the healthier people are the less likely they are to have health issues. 1.2 The roles of agencies and others who may be involved in raising awareness of health issues: Community nurses and doctors will promote awareness of illness and lifestyle choices that may affect your health, the government and local councils will have policy’s and legislation about what must be done about health care. Be up to date on infection control and cross…show more content…
Campaigns are competing for mental space of an audience that is bombarded with many other ideas and messages. This means programmes need to get creative and learn a little from commercial marketing strategies. Relying on fear or guilt to elicit long-term behaviour change is less effective. Thought-provoking, benefits-based messages are more meaningful. Awareness raising is only the first step in a campaign to change behaviour in our care setting. Awareness raising without follow-up processes to exploit the attention generated tend to have limited long-term impact. Using various awareness strategies increases impact. Multiple messages through different activities such presentation, leaflets, posters and billboards reach further and have more impact as ideas build on and strengthen each other. To raise awareness of mental health issues. It particularly covers assessing the need for awareness raising, determining the groups who are to be at the focus of the work and developing plans for awareness raising. This standard applies to anyone who has responsibility for co-ordinating awareness raising of mental health issues, no matter their location or employing agency. The focus of the activity may be those whose mental health is the subject of the awareness raising or those who may provide access to those who are the focus of the…show more content…
However it is very hard to find out the information which will be required to cure this disastrous health issue. Doctors are already using Gamma rays to destroy few cells in the body which contain cancer in them so that these cells don’t spread to the rest of the living cells in the body which by then the doctors will not be able to destroy the cells because there will be too many which would harm the body too much. In America cancer has killed the most people and 1 in 4 people are diagnosed with cancer which means 25% of the people in America are diagnosed with cancer. Cancer kills approximately 547,500 people in a single year. It has affected 7.3 million people all around the

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