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Current Health Promotion Pamphlet Paper Mary Penny-Johnson Developing and Evaluating Educational Programs/ Nur 588 Jennie Pattison Current Health Promotion Pamphlet Health promotion and disease prevention are an important role of nurses, physicians, and health organizations. Patients that are active participants in their own health care understand their responsibility in managing their care. Additionally, health promotion decreases hospital stays and may prevent disease related complications. In 2006 health care related spending exceed two-trillion dollars in the United States (Jadelhack, 2012). A huge amount of money is saved by promoting health and educating the public on preventable health problems (Goetzel, 2009). Kidney disease…show more content…
Disease processes and health care information is intimidating to most people. Therefore presenting the information in a simplistic format increases the patient’s understanding and decrease anxiety. Additionally, National Health Institute (NIH) developed clear and simple which is a document to help develop print material for low literacy readers (“health literacy”, n.d.). Writing that is clear takes less time to read and understand. Clear communication is easily understood and avoids creating barriers that set us apart from the people with whom we are communicating (“health literacy”, n.d.). Finally, according to the National Literacy survey 1992 ten to twenty- two percent of Americans are at the bottom most of the literacy scale and cannot read a medicine bottle or poison warning (“health literacy”, n.d.). Example of Health Promotion in the Pamphlet The pamphlet encourages health promotion to prevent kidney disease. The risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, family history, age and ethnicy are identified. The pamphlet encourages seeing your physician. The importance of early detection is addressed. The pamphlet addresses the best way to reduce personal suffering and financial costs of chronic kidney disease is to prevent and treat its risk factors so that a person does not get the disease at…show more content…
Organization publish health promotion pamphlets to increase patients’ health literacy. Patients that are health literate ask questions about their care and are able to make informed decisions about their care. Evaluation of a health promotion pamphlet includes examination of the content, reading level, and health promotion information. Additionally, health promotion decreases hospital stays and may prevent disease related complications. ). Kidney disease is a disease that affects millions of Americans as a result of complications of diabetes or other diseases. The pamphlet is a two sheet brochure with information printed on both front and back. The document is available to be printed out from the

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