Cold the Jamestown Tragedy Have Been Prevented?

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Imagine living in an environment where everyday, you would hear about the of another fellow colonist. A place where there would be death in the air. English settlers began arriving on the James River in the Chesapeake Bay region of Virginia in the spring of 1607. Some hoped to make new homes. Many hoped to get wealthy. But little did they know that for the most, this adventurous trip would come to a sad end. By 1611, out of the 500 settlers that came here to make a new life, 400 were dead. The tragedy of Jamestown could not have been prevented because of the rigorous climate and lack of fresh food and water. The tough climate made it very difficult for the colonists to survive. The extreme weather in Jamestown resulted in the death of many settlers. According to the “Background Essay”, “Of the 110 original settlers, only 40 would be alive at the end of December.” This tells that during December, the season would be Winter. This means that due to the cold and harsh Winters, the colonists could have died. The rough Winter most likely was the cause to 70 deaths. Based on the “Background Essay”, “Then, in the awful winter of 1609-1610, another two-thirds of the settlers died.” Harsh winters were bound to happen. There was nothing anybody could do about it or prevent it. The colonists could have prepared for it, but because they did not have the current technology, they could have not possibly predicted that a rough winter was coming their way. According to “Document D”, in 1607 August through October “Summer sickness kills half the colonists” The summer of 1607 was so severe that it killed 50 people. This was more than half of the amount of people left. They in anyway couldn’t have known that such an aggressive summer would hit them. Unlike the 21 century, the colonists then did not have radars which could predict how the summer would be. They could not have saved
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