Sepsis Infection Process Analysis

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Introduction The current health care industry has changed due to the approach used to provide services to patients. There is an increase in the level of infections received through the process of treatment. Sepsis infection is a condition that has grown in the health care industry, and it requires critical evaluation in order to get a solution. The national health regulatory agencies have developed some strategies that help minimize negative outcomes by way of ensuring that the products for injection are first tested. The focus of the paper is to come up with a strategy that will be used by the health care industry in ensuring that proper services are offered without developing any infections to the patients. This is by using the…show more content…
These methods may help the experts in developing sound strategies when providing treatments to the intended products. Questionnaires, observation, and interviews are the main forms of data collection that may be applied by professionals in the health care industry for testing products before they are injected thus reducing the level of infections received during treatments. Some infections occur due to the fact that professionals in health care are not serious or they become negligence when offering services to patients, (Spector, 2012). These forms of data collection may be used for the purpose of getting the required information before offering services to the products. Physicians and doctors are supposed to do enough observations when handling patients or products in need of injection so as to determine the quality of services they are supposed to be offered. When critical data collection strategy is developed using these forms of data collection approaches, relevant information is arrived at making it easy for professionals to provide services required, (Colquitt,…show more content…
In this case, the problem is that patients or products are being affected by the injections they get simply because no proper tests are done in preliminary. Through the informal design, employees and parties at all levels will be able to have clarity of the healthcare goals when providing services to the products. This approach will help the management delineate clear lines of responsibilities and authority to employees hence allow quality services provision. Managers and employees will have clear lines of operation something that will help increase the level of services offered because everyone will know what is required to be completed at what time. The use of informal design in this case will help come up with strategies of teamwork where information will be shared by the experts when providing injections. If proper information is shared, experts will have minimized the high level of infections to the products, (Spector,

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